Why a Mediterranean Diet? That’s a pretty good question wouldn’t you agree?

Mediterranean Diet FoodsIf you’ve been following me for a while, you may have gotten the sneaky suspicion that in my opinion, the Mediterranean Diet is by far, the BEST way to not only lose weight, but to maintain a healthy weight.

Why is that? Well, first of all, I don’t believe in diets per se. In fact, I HATE diets!  For me, diets have NEVER worked, and I’m sure I can’t be alone in this!  You know, that old familiar yo-yo effect of losing, gaining, losing, gaining and on and on it goes.  The problem with that is that when you lose weight on a traditional diet plan, you lose more muscle and water weight than anything, and those are two of the most important things you own.  Lean muscle and water.   After all, your body is between 50-65% water!

So, a couple of years ago, I came across the Mediterranean Diet plan and was thrilled, because it is NOT a diet plan, it is a Lifestyle plan!

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Now I know your next questions are, that’s all fine and great Collette, but what exactly is the Mediterranean diet, why should I buy in to it and how do I do it?

Ok, so let’s break it down.

What Is The Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is based on the diet and lifestyle of people in the regions of southern Italy and Greece.

Their diet consists mostly of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats like avocados, nuts and olive oil, fish and seafood, lean meats like poultry, whole cheeses, whole grains breads and limited amounts of pasta.

And, they have plenty of daily physical activity.

Why A Mediterranean Diet?

Well, the number one thing that caught my attention is that studies have shown that people who live in those regions have much lower instances of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Also, something that was of particular interest to me, was the fact that because this diet is rich in fiber, it slows down your digestion, which prevents huge swings in blood sugar, something that is a big deal for those struggling with keeping their blood sugar in check!

Are you sold yet?  Cool, so let’s continue…..

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

How Do I Incorporate A Mediterranean Diet?

First of all, there’s a couple of things it is NOT.  Those being piles of pasta and gallons of wine!  That right there was kind of a bummer for me to learn, because I absolutely LOVE pasta! ( In fact, my Dad used to call me Colletta Spagetta when I was growing up.)

Anyway….the best way to get started on the Mediterranean Diet is to dump the white stuff, you know, white bread, white rice, cakes, cookies and sugary drinks.  Substitute those things with whole grain breads and pasta, brown rice,  (and still skip the cakes, cookies and sugary drinks).  These changes alone made a huge difference in the way that I felt!

Also, load up on pretty much as many vegetables, especially green leafy ones as you can.  Lots of fresh fruits, whole cheeses (aged, not processed).  Use extra virgin olive oil (I prefer to use first cold-pressed because there are more nutrients in it), avocados, nuts and beans.

Yes, you can still eat meat (something I had to convince Rich of), but instead of burgers, steaks and pork chops, use poultry, fish and seafood.

Drink lots and lots of water and, oh YES, you can have red wine!!!

Ready?  Awesome!  START HERE!

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Bon Appetit!

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Here’s to YOUR Health!

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