Top 10 Protein Vegetables

When it comes to nutrition, loading up your plate with protein rich vegetables is the ticket to keeping the fat down, increasing your daily fiber intake and giving yourself the life and health giving nutrients your body needs.

At a time when the health and safety of our animal protein sources are either questionable, or extremely expensive, many of us are beginning to rely more on plant-based sources for our nutrition.

That’s a really good thing!  

The top 10 protein packing veggies list includes a couple of things that are not great for controlling your blood sugar because they are also pretty high in carbs.

They are:

  1. russet potato
  2. hubbard squash
  3. corn

While they are super healthy foods, they should be consumed in moderation.  However, that all being said, they also pack a pretty mean punch of fiber as well.

That means, when it comes to controlling your appetite, eliminating cravings and boosting your health, they are a great choice.

The good thing about protein vegetables is that you can load up your plate, get the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs for optimal health and do it for low calories, low fat, great fiber.

Here’s my list of the TOP 10 Protein Vegetables to control your blood sugar and your weight.

The great news is that I’ve got some fabulous recipes to help you take advantage of all the amazing health benefits and satisfy your palate too!

Have you tried my Chocolate Pudding?  Talk about satisfying your palate!!!

I love to cook, mostly because I love to eat!!!  So it’s super important to me that I’m getting the biggest bang for my buck, both financially and nutritionally.

Here's to your health!

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