Healthy Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese

Healthy Mac & Cheese Nothing says comfort more than macaroni and cheese.  At least to me anyway…..well, I guess pretty much any kinda pasta speaks to my comfort, but that’s just me. However, my traditional way of making macaroni and cheese was an artery clogging, waistline expanding carb and fat overload.  That’s because traditional mac … Read more Healthy Mac & Cheese

Shrimp a la Collette

Shrimp a la Collette

Shrimp a la Collette…noone ever said I was a title guru! I was trying to come up with something creative for dinner last night.  Something that would keep us in line with our Mediterranean diet, while still being something that was a little bit unique and of course easy, tasty and filling. Well, the perfect combination … Read more Shrimp a la Collette

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