Why a Mediterranean Diet?

Why A Mediterranean Diet?

Why a Mediterranean Diet? That’s a pretty good question wouldn’t you agree? If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have gotten the sneaky suspicion that in my opinion, the Mediterranean Diet is by far, the BEST way to not only lose weight, but to maintain a healthy weight. Why is that? Well, … Read more Why a Mediterranean Diet?

Primary Factors For Health

Primary Factors For Health

  Primary Factors For Health When we think about health and wellness, it’s often food or diet that you concentrate on. And, while it is absolutely true, that, what we eat plays a huge role in how we feel and how our bodies function, what foods you eat may not be the primary factors to achieving your … Read more Primary Factors For Health

Relax Baby


It’s Time To Relax Baby….. In the busy crush of everyday life, sometimes it’s just really hard to wind down, relax and de-stress so that we can get a good night’s sleep. However, a good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy life.  If allows our body to rejuvenate and rebuild.  Here are some of … Read more Relax Baby


How Do I Know What Organic Foods To Use

How do I know what organic foods to use…. may be the absolute number one million dollar question when making the switch!  Since buying organic is often times much more expensive than regular produce, so the answer to the question:  how do I know what organic foods to use can be complicated.  How do you decide … Read more HOW DO I KNOW WHAT ORGANIC FOODS TO USE?

You Have GREATNESS Within You

“You have greatness within you…..”  These words still ring in my head. Les Brown was one of the fantastic keynote speakers that we had at my recent company convention, so I decided you all should be blessed by his words as well! For me, this message is very powerful and empowering! Forgive yourself first. Release the need … Read more You Have GREATNESS Within You

4 Essential Keys For Your Success

Essential Keys For Your Success

What are 4 essential keys for your success? Whether it’s in your life, health, weightloss goals or career, do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, just spinning your wheels and going no where? Or, in your business, do you feel that the system and support you were given just aren’t working FOR you? … Read more 4 Essential Keys For Your Success

3 Ways To Be More Positive

Be More Positive

  Positive Smositive Are you questioning why you are always looking for positive things to happen but they just don’t?  Why is that? Have you checked your attitude lately?  In order to attract positive things, you must be in a positive state.  How do you do that? Here are three ways to help: 1.  Think … Read more 3 Ways To Be More Positive

5 Things Your Nails Can Tell You

We all want beautiful nails, right? All of us girls can certainly relate to this one.  Having pretty nails, tells folks a lot about who we are.  It lets them know how tidy we are, whether we have an attention to detail, and can even tell them something about our fashion sense. For as long … Read more 5 Things Your Nails Can Tell You

8 Ways To Heal Your Headache

Heal Your Headache

What a headache! With today’s always-on-the-go lifestyle, long crazy work hours and stress from any number of sources, we all fall victim to a nagging headache sometimes. I was reading an article on this subject today and here are 8 simple tricks to heal that pain and get you back to enjoying your day! 1. Relaxing and … Read more 8 Ways To Heal Your Headache

Choose Hope!


I choose hope! Choose to hope or choose to despair. To choose hope is not to just hang around and “Hope” something will happen. To choose hope is to BELIEVE it will happen! That belief will require prayer, faith and hard work, but as I was taught as a child, anything worth having is worth … Read more Choose Hope!

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