5 Tips To Eat More Nutritionally


5 Tips To Eat More Nutritionally First of all diets don’t work!  I’m sure if you’re like me, you have ridden that rollercoaster way too many times.  It is true however, that everything boils down to nutrition.  So, how DO you figure out how to eat nutritiously, especially when you start getting those sugar and … Read more

How To Have A Healthy Holiday

Healthy Holiday

How To Have A Healthy Holiday The holiday season is well, magical!  I LOVE all the pretty decorations, the twinkling lights on my holiday tree and then of course there’s the food.  Ah yes, the food! There are multitudes of different questions that pop into my head when it comes to staying on tract with … Read more

7 Foods To Reduce Inflammation

7 Foods To Reduce Inflammation

7 Foods To Reduce Inflammation The Standard American Diet (S.A.D), is one that promotes acidity and inflammation in our bodies.  The over consumption of highly processed foods, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemical laden household, beauty and body products lead to poor digestion, poor nutrient absorption and toxic loads on our liver and other systems. … Read more


  5 Tips To Reduce Stress Naturally We all live in a busy hectic world, and everyday stressors can really wreck havoc on our bodies.   This can be even more so for those of us who are also struggling with our weight and our health.  The constant worry, pain, frustration and feeling like we’re all … Read more

Why a Mediterranean Diet?

Why A Mediterranean Diet?

Why a Mediterranean Diet? That’s a pretty good question wouldn’t you agree? If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have gotten the sneaky suspicion that in my opinion, the Mediterranean Diet is by far, the BEST way to not only lose weight, but to maintain a healthy weight. Why is that? Well, … Read more

Relax Baby


It’s Time To Relax Baby….. In the busy crush of everyday life, sometimes it’s just really hard to wind down, relax and de-stress so that we can get a good night’s sleep. However, a good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy life.  If allows our body to rejuvenate and rebuild.  Here are some of … Read more

4 Essential Keys For Your Success

Essential Keys For Your Success

What are 4 essential keys for your success? Whether it’s in your life, health, weightloss goals or career, do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, just spinning your wheels and going no where? Or, in your business, do you feel that the system and support you were given just aren’t working FOR you? … Read more

3 Ways To Be More Positive

Be More Positive

  Positive Smositive Are you questioning why you are always looking for positive things to happen but they just don’t?  Why is that? Have you checked your attitude lately?  In order to attract positive things, you must be in a positive state.  How do you do that? Here are three ways to help: 1.  Think … Read more

What Is Your Focus?


What is your focus? Where do you want to be tomorrow?  Have you heard that energy grows where focus goes? The past is the past for a reason. It is not there for us to focus on.  It is there for us to learn from, to keep the good decisions and memories and to discard … Read more

Set Your Sail

Set Your Sail

How have you set your sail? I am currently reading Jim Rohn’s book, “The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle” and was struck today by this paragraph: “What guides us to different destinations in life is determined by the way we have chosen to set our sail. The way that each of us thinks … Read more