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Quit Smoking with Quit Stix

I am pretty ashamed to admit that I have been a smoker for well over 30 years, so I know all too well the pains of quitting. 

It’s not just the physical pains, but the mental ones as well.  We tie up smoking to so many different emotions.  Joy, sadness, loss, excitement, boredom, stress.  You name it, we use the emotions as an excuse.

Probably the biggest excuse we use to NOT quit is that we’ve got too much going on in our life to quit.  We are already way too stressed out and smoking helps to keeps us calm.  Trust me, I used that excuse for YEARS!

While it is true that nicotine works on the pleasure centers of our brains, giving us a brief feeling of calm, the truth is that smoking is actually very stressful to both our body and our mind.

As a health coach, it’s pretty sad that I continued to smoke.  I felt like a fraud a lot of times, but I’m here to tell you that this is the year that I FINALLY QUIT!!!

During my journey to quit smoking, I have learned A LOT about ways to overcome those nearly unbearable cravings.  One little trick I learned from browsing Pinterest and a young lady named Cajun.  She has a terrific article on her website where she talks about how to make the sticks and also has done some great research.  You can read her article HERE.  

Since Cajun’s article is so great, I won’t belabor her research any further.  I will say however, that since a great deal of my audience is diabetic, her use of cinnamon essential oil probably isn’t the best!

If you are diabetic, I’m sure that you’ve heard how great cinnamon is for lowering blood sugar, however, if you are also taking diabetic medications, it can be pretty dangerous to use a lot of cinnamon without checking first with your doctor, so I’ve changed up the recipe somewhat.  But GREAT job Cajun!  Thank you!

The choice to use black pepper essential oil was an easy one because it is the first essential oil named as being very effective in curbing nicotine cravings.  Clove essential oil is also named as being effective to quit smoking, so both of them together give you a nice flavor on the toothpick, as well as double help to curb the cravings so you can kick the habit!

How to make Quit Stix

These babies are so super simple to make, and you’ll be so glad you did!



You’ll want to keep your jar tightly sealed and out of sunlight so that the oils won’t evaporate, but they not only taste great, they really help!

Don’t have the oils or the time?  No worries, send me a message and I’ll be happy to  you can get them HERE.

Quit Smoking

You have now created yourself 80 deliciously effective Quit Stix to use when those awful cravings strike!

If purchasing all of the ingredients seems a bit much for you, I’d be happy to ship you out a jar of them!  Just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to help you out!

If you’ve been struggling trying to quit smoking, I’d LOVE to help you out with that!  Check out the deets on my #IQUIT Smoking 12-Week challenge.  Make this the year you quit too!

So, what do you think of this idea?  Does it seem a lot more effective than just sucking on a plain ‘ole toothpick?  

I’d love your feedback!  Will you use these? 

Here's to your health!

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