We all want beautiful nails, right?

All of us girls can certainly relate to this one.  Having pretty nails, tells folks a lot about who we are.  It lets them know how tidy we are, whether we have an attention to detail, and can even tell them something about our fashion sense.

For as long as I can remember, I have had issues with my nails.  Sometimes they were strong and grew great, and then all of a sudden, they would get crazy weak and start peeling!  I know I’m not alone, because my manicurist tells me that 95% of the women she sees, tell her the exact same thing!

But what is the answer?  I talked to my doctor, and he recommended that I take Kelp and Biotin supplements.  So, like a good girl, I tried that too.  Right about now, I’m sure you’re shaking your head in agreement with me.  What was the outcome of taking those doctor recommended supplements?  Well, I’m sure you can answer that one for me….that’s right NOTHING!


That being said, however, like our bodies, our nails can also tell us that something may need attention in our health.  So next time you go for that mani-pedi, take a look at your nails and see if they are trying to tell you something.

The shape, texture, color and overall condition of your nails can let you know if something has been going on with your health.

Here are 5 things to look for, what it could mean, some simple remedies and other things you may want to consider.

1.  Weak, Brittle or Splitting

Tip:  If you can bend or break your nail easily or if they are constantly splitting

It Could Mean:  Weak, brittle or splitting nails are often attributed to the aging process (sorry girls), but they can also be the result of “over processing” your nails (harsh manicures, acrylic nails or gel wraps).

Remedy:  Dermatologists recommend giving your nails a breather by taking a break from the manicurist for a few weeks.  Make sure to use a rich moisturizer on your hands/nails frequently.

Other Considerations:  You may also be deficient in vitamin A, which helps your body process protein which is a key ingredient in your nails.  You may also be lacking the proper amount of vitamin C or Biotin, which is a B vitamin which can help to strengthen our nails and help them grow faster.Manicure

2.  Yellow Nails

Tip:  Just as you would expect, your nails will have a subtle or dramatic yellow hue.

It Could Mean:  This effect could be from various things.  Things like, nail fungus, psoriasis or smoking.  It could also be from something as simple as the dark color of your favorite polish.

Remedy:  If your nails are stained, simply soak them in denture cleaner for a few minutes.

Other Considerations:  If the yellowing persists, gets worse or is accompanied by pain, you should check with your doctor as it could be an indication of a fungal infection or psoriasis.

3.  White Dots

Tip:  Small white dots that seem to be on the surface of your nail, but you just can’t seem to buff them off.

It Could Mean:  White dots are usually due to some form of trauma.  Things as simple as banging into something or even an overly aggressive cuticle trim by your manicurist.

Remedy:  Over time, as your nails grow out they should disappear.

Other Considerations:  If your white dots just refuse to disappear, you should check with your dermatologist, as they may be caused by a fungal infection.

4.  Vertical Dark Bands

Tip:  Dark lines of color that run from the top of your nail to the bottom.

It Could Mean:  Doctors have suggested that dark vertical bands are common in dark-skinned people.

Remedy:  Since this is a fairly common occurrence, there really is no remedy, but if you should see any changes, or new lines, see your doctor right away.

Other Considerations:  The dark lines could also indicate a benign mole in your nail bed.  However, a new or changing band could also be an indicator of a malignant melanoma – a deadly skin cancer, so seek out the advice of your doctor immediately.

5.  Spoon Nails

Tip:  Nails that look scooped out.  A simple test is to put a couple of drops of water directly over the center of your nail.  If the water sits there instead of running off, it’s spoon nails.

It Could Mean:  According to Dr. Kyle Coleman of Westlake Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, spoon nails are an indication of an iron deficiency.  Spoon nails occur when your blood supply does not reach the center of your nail to make it grow.

Remedy:   You may need to add an iron supplement to your diet, or you may need medication to correct any thyroid issues.

Other Considerations:  In some cases, spoon nails can also be indicative of heart disease or hypothyroidism, a condition marked by an under active thyroid gland.  You will need to consult with your physician to have the proper blood work done to determine the exact cause.

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