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Are you questioning why you are always looking for positive things to happen but they just don’t?  Why is that?

Have you checked your attitude lately?  In order to attract positive things, you must be in a positive state.  How do you do that?

Here are three ways to help:

1.  Think only positive thoughts.

I know sometimes that’s a hard thing to do, but the more you concentrate on seeing the positive side of every situation, the more positive attraction you will get.

2.  Speak only positive words.

That old saying you were taught as a child – “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”?  Well it turn out our Moms were right.  By only speaking positive words, you will be able to diffuse just about any negative situation and turn that negative thing into a positive, which in turn attracts more positive things.   As a friend of mine says;

Nobody wants to hang out with a Negative Nancy ~ John Melton

3.  Listen to only positive music.

Music has a funny way of getting into your head, sometimes even when you don’t want it to.  Think about it…how many times have you heard a song and then it’s been stuck in your head all day?  Crazy right?!  So, it only goes, that if you listen to positive music, with positive lyrics, they will seep in and bring you to a more positive place.

These three things are part of the essential keys to attract positive things (and money) in life and in business to you.

Do you have any other ideas that you use to attain your positive state?  Please comment to share them with us!

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